I got 3 viruses on my computer. One blocking Java, one blocking FireFox, and one blocking winamp. Each time I try and use them I get the blue error message. On one of my virus scans (McAfree virus scan) it found nothing, so I downloaded AVG virus for help, and the first time I ran the program it found the virus. Then, the next time when I restarted my computer all of the viruses came back. And when I tried to run AVG again it found nothing through the whole virus scan.

But what's weird is, at some random times the programs stop working. Every OTHER time I restart the comp it changes, and visa versa.

Please, I'm not that great with computers, what do I do?

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Hi Sidekickbilly, welcome to DaniWeb :)

I've moved your thread to the virus forum so you would get more help.

Having more then one antivirus program installed on your computer can cause problems; you should decide which one you prefer and remove the other one. You can run free online scans (like Panda and TrendMicro) if you think your program may be missing something.

As a starting point, I suggest you get the self-extracting version of HijackThis from here (in line 2):

Close any open browser windows, click 'Scan and Save Log' with hijackthis; when it's finished scanning, Notepad should pop up with a log, copy the log and paste it into this thread.

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