Okay, so here's the problem:

I have an HP dv6000 series/ model dv6910us laptop.
I hadn't used the notbook in about 2 weeks because I was moving to college so it was in my car for a day. When I decided
to boot it up everything worked fine...except the internet. It wouldn't pick up a strong wireless signal or the LAN. I
am sure they both worked because my suitemate's worked in my room. So, I played around with settings and it still didn't work.
I then decided to use the System Recovery on my laptop. Right in the middle of system recovery, it just cut off. No warning or
anything, it just cut off while the recovery was in process. I then turned it back on (after about 5 or 6 tries) and there
was the black screen (white writing) which stated that 'BOOT MGR is missing'. I tried to run a diagnostic on it and it would only cu
off. Then, I ordered the recovery dvd from HP and it still wouldn't work so I bought a new hard drive and ran the dvd's with it.
I got through the recovery and it launched FBI GUI and kept stating that the computer would shut off itself and restart but it
wouldn't so I ended up turning it on about 7 seven times.
Each time that I turned it back on, the FBI GUI would appear on the task bar and installations were taking place and new icons
would appear on the Windows 98 style desktop. Finally, it got to a point where it said to insert the recovery disk again. I did.
It then said, FATAL SYSTEM ERROR on a light blue screen. Now, I am basically back to square one at the black screens again.
The computer won't boot. Sometimes there is a black screen with just a blinking cursor when the recovery dvd isn't in the
cd drive. Any clues? Any pointers? Please help!

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so it was in my car for a day.

Don't know that this has anything to do with it, but was it very hot? Possibly heat damage.
That FBI GUI is the File Based Installer Graphical User Interface Manager.
It is an automatic installer that allows for the recovery of your computer as well as driver initializer. It can take a very long time to complete. Maybe it didn't restart because it wasn't complete.
Have you tried to begin at the beginning...inserting the Recovery disk and start over?

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It may have nothing to do with virus/malware. Then again, it's a possibility that virus/malware are forcing the computer to shutdown. A common way of malware/viruses doing this is through a .BAT file. Using the systemfiles, it shuts the computer down. With that being said, you could do this with any language like Assembly, C, C++, Java, C#, even VB.NET. But, it may not be a virus/malware problem.

Firstly, are you using the correct charger for your laptop? Weird question, yes, however if you have had a broken charger in the past and I don't know, you used a charger from a Acer netbook because it charged your main laptop there may not be enough power flowing through to your laptop, causing it to shutdown. This is a possibility, unless your using a charger designed for your laptop/the charger you got when you bought it. Netbooks need less power than laptops. Laptops need more power because of the better performance.

Secondly, when you boot up after it restarting or shutting down unexpectly, does Windows return a popup to you about a "unexpected shutdown"? If so, it may be due to a Windows crash, application or failure to update something.

Thirdly, it may not be anything software related at all. It could be a hardware issue. In the past I have had laptops which get a hardware issue, causing the laptop to randomly shutdown no matter to what im doing. I could be listening to music, working in Photoshop/programming or just chatting to friends on Skype. Are your USB ports working properly? Sometimes if they aren't fully working and you plug something into them, the computer will instantly shutdown. I've had this before, especially if you plug a USB in the wrong way. This may also cause a break of the USB port. Is your motherboard damaged? Another reason to why your laptop may be shutting down randomly may be because of a hardware issue with the BIOS. Open up your laptop and check for any connection problems, or breaks in the motherboard.

Hope I helped!

FATAL SYSTEM ERROR cannot be fixed its when a fatal error happens in the system im very sorry but your computer died big time

And so long ago, it probably doesn't even smell bad now.

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I hate Fatal Errors and BSOD

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