What is Updater.exe?
How does it get on computer screen?
What action to take when it wants access?
Please tell me what you think.
Please also suggest best way to remove it.
It keeps demanding access.
The IE Windows are getting interrupted with Windows opening notification of problem repeatedlyand having to close and recover tab.
Kindly propose best solution to stop the nuisance.
Thank you!

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We need more info. Are you certain this is not a legitimate updater for a program? What operating system? Have you scanned for infections?
I suggest you begin with the steps given in the link below and post back with the requested logs. This will tell us what you may be dealing with and possibly remove it if it is an infection


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Thank you jholland for your kind message.
Whenever it appears,I get a warning.
Then my Windows tab kept on getting interrupted repeatedly until I get page error 404,telling me page not found.
So I have to quit and log out of my browsing session.
It is very annoying.I have to abandon Internet Explorer though I have vital toolbars installed there.
Also when I click in AOL radio I get black screen telling me I do not have Adobe Flash Player indicating I have to download it or fix it.
Apparently something is wrong.
My Cnet scan shows my Adobe Flash Player is up to date.
Is it possible some block is being applied.
Just now I tried to log into Windows Live and I get the message that I anm not connected.Then a new window opened to tell me I needm to update my Windows Messenger with the download next to it.
I know my Windows Live softwares are all up to date.
Then,earlier,I tried thrice to upload my latest photo using my Flickr Uploader,it also did not go through,telling me I am not connected to internet,
But I checked and found I am connected both local and international.
I wonder what's happening?
Moreever,two days' ago,I had peculiar experience.As I logged into my AIM and used it to search keying to www.yahoo.com.
When I clicked Sign In to Yahoo and keyed in my Yahoo! ID,suddenly the computer screen dimmed.
When I checked my wireless connection,it showed "You are currently not connected to any network".
I then realized there has been a sudden blackout as the lights also went out in the hall.So I logged off and switched off my computer.
Within minutes,the lights came on.
So I went back to my computer and logged in to AIM and uploader two Photos successfully,But trhe third photo took a long time,
I decided to add buttons to my AOL toolbar.Then the interruption of my tab came on again and again.
Finally I had to quit and restarted my computer to do other things!
Please advise course of action.


It sounds to me like there may be the possibility of infection on the computer, especially with the constant messages of updates being needed. You said you have a lot of toolbars on there, this is a very easy way to get these infections. Stop adding ANYTHING to the computer until I give you the ok. Stop downloading unless told to download something by me, at least until we get this cleared.
I want you to download HiJackThis to begin with and do a System Scan, save the log and post it back here. This will give me a quick look at what may be on there and then I can better tell you where to begin.

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