I am having a problem with accessing the internet through Internet Explorer.

When running a Diagnose Connection Problems it advises that the webpage I am trying to connect to is not set up to establish a connection on port World Wide Web Service. This happens regardless of what website I try to view. I have also tried pinging an address and the same thing happens.

I am running on Windows Vista Home Edition. I have tried deleting all browser information, cookies etc. I have also tried running a selective startup however I am still unable to display an internet page and it continues to give the same reasoning.

I am able to retrieve and send e:mails through Windows Mail and I am also able to connect to the wireless router with an alternative laptop and the internet works fine.

I do have Norton Anti Virus uploaded and I have run a full system scan with nothing detected and I have turned off all the firewall and spyware settings but it still won't connect to the internet.

I am thinking it is something and nothing but can't figure it out does anyone have any suggestions?

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Not sure what browser edition you have but have you clicked File and looked to be sure that Work Offline has NO check mark next to it?

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