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Reccently I download files thru' P2P using torrent and unfortunately my system got infected with Win32/Polip virus. Many of the important files like notepad.exe, mspaint.exe, iexplorer.exe etc. got infected and im unable to access these applications. Internet connection also fails. I tried scanning with NOD 32 and then with AVG. But they detect these viruses to some extend and delete some files like winlogon.exe etc. And they are unable to heal/repair notepad.exe, iexplorer.exe and like files. The repaired files are again infected on next restart. Is there any way to completely remove this virus and repair these system files without formatting my system and without any data loss. Please do help me.

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Unforturnately you have learned the dangers of P2P file sharing. Some of the worst infections can strike your system by sharing with others. Since you cannot repair these and you want a good running computer I think your only option is reformat, but if you continue to use P2P your computer will very likely become infected again.

Dear Jholland

Thanks for the immediate response. Its sad to know that the virus can be removed only by formatting. Will there be any problem in taking backup of my data.?? I mean files other than .exe and other applications..!! Can u suggest me a good antivirus ?

Depends on data. Various documents and that type of thing could be burned to cd's. You will have to be very careful because of the infection, it could be in a lot of places on the computer.
Here is info about this particular infection:

Win32.Polip.A is a dangerous, polymorphic file infector, with a worm-like spreading capability. It's targets are EXE and SCR files.

It is a memory-resident virus, because once executed, it injects code in the running processes. The first files it infects are those located in %ProgramFiles% and %WINDIR% directories. But it hooks imported functions for the infected proceses, so that all executables accessed by those processes will be infected.

There are any number of excellent anti-virus programs, Avira and Avast are both very good. BUT continue with the P2P file sharing and even with good av programs your chances of getting infected again are pretty good.

Dear Jholland,

As u adviced i formatted my system and installed avast antivirus program. I dont have the motherboard cd and hence im not aware what are the drivers i need to install after installing windows. My chipset is intel 82945G express chipset and i have downloaded and installed Graphics Media Accelerator corresponding to this chipset. Kindly let me know wat other drivers I need to install.

Who is the manufacturer of the computer?

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