Help please,
I use norton antivirus 2004 weekly. It recently found 19 at risk files.
All spyware, malware, adware junk. But it cant remove them. All 19 come back "delete failed" when I try to remove them from nortons screen. So I read what norton says to do. Some have a tool to remove. Net Optimizer, for instance can be removed with nortons tool. But when I run nortons tool to remove Net Opt...it says "not found on your computer" yet it shows up with every full system scan norton runs. Others tell me how to go into regedit to remove items, but when i look under the location for them, there is no listing of the item I am to delete. I also run a full assortment of spyware programs...search & destroy, adware se, and pest patrol.
Could someone please look at my HiJack log and see whats going on here?
Thanks so much.
PS...I have 2 computers on a router and an external hardrive...both computers have these 19 files.

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I've moved the topic for you. In future could you please make effort to locate the correct section in which to post your problem.

Cheers, and welcome to Daniweb :)


Hi Bob, welcome to DaniWeb :D

Go ahead and post your HijackThis log here in this thread and we'll have a look at it.

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