Basically i dont know anything about computers but i had Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 but what happened was that i got a rogue anti-virus known as security guard, i went on google and found a guide that i could understand and downloaded spyware doctor, but now whats happening is that when i click on it to start it doesnt work and i need the simplist guide possible to help me fix it, the sort of one you would give to a 12 year only kid.

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Please try this version of malwarebytes: Click the link here.
Save it on your desktop. You'll see it will have a random name.
Doubleclick on it, so it will extract the files and will start Malwarebytes automatically.
In case the installer (random named file) won't run either, rename it to EXPLORER.EXE and try again.

When Malwarebytes opens, click the "Update" tab FIRST and select to check for updates in order to get the latest updates.
In case Malwarebytes doesn't open, search for the folder mbam-installer on your desktop, open it and doubleclick the file winlogon.exe which will be present in there. This should launch Malwarebytes.

Then perform a scan and let it remove what it found. Reboot afterwards (important).

Post the log.

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