As of a few days ago my computer has been running ridiculously slow taking atleast 10 minutes to open up a single Firefox browser and sometimes longer for other programs. I've tried Spybot S&D, my McAffee service, and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware scanner and none have fixed the problem or picked up anything out of the ordinary.
I have HijackThis but no idea what in the log could potentially be causing the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Any help would be greatly appreciated

Do you have any reason to suspect malware?

Let's try this:
-- Download DDS by sUBs and save it to your Desktop
-- If your AV has a script blocker, please disable it
-- DoubleClick on dds.scr to run the tool

* A command box will open, displaying added information for your reading pleasure while DDS completes its scan.
* Upon completion, a Dialog Box should open instructing you to save and post the TWO resulting logs (DDS.txt & Attach.txt).

- Copy&Paste the DDS.txt into your next post.
- Please post Attach.txt as an attachment to your post - there is no need to Zip it. If you don’t know how to post an attachment, please Copy&Paste it along with the DDS.txt scanlog.

I or another volunteer will check back as time permits.


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