Okay, I'm pulling my hair out on this one. A person I know in Los Angeles County and I have a legal dispute going but still months away from trial. Problem is I'm staying at a beach house south of Tijuana for solitude but still using hotmail and have a very fast DSL, etc. For the past several months this party (who is Iranian and speaks virtually no English) has sent me a bunch of virus, worm, Trojan infected emails, according to Firefox's Web Of Trust. Last weekend I got one from "so and so @fanbox.com" the infamous spreader of the conficker among others. I didn't click on any links but forwarded them to the Federal Trade Commission's online complaint site. Also to the FBIs similar site for internet crime. Then a day or so later I receive threats of violence from them using their real name "@yahoo.com." I forwarded these to abuse@yahoo and heard back that the person didn't use Yahoo to deliver the threats. Then Yahoo includes a long, convoluted bunch of info on how to find the person's ISP through a site called "Arin.com." I emailed Yahoo back and asked, "Doesn't Yahoo care that email is being sent by one of your clients and forged to look like it came through your system but actually didn't. I understand that they must comply with their TOS but this seems in violation of all TOS and internet protocols. I've read the long (and fun, oh yeah) headers and find no clue as to who the ISP might be. "Arin.com" sent an automatic response telling me they might get back to me in three business days. This person is the landlord of a large group of condos and houses south of the International Border and has also threatened several other tenants and, yes, everything you've heard about the local police is pretty much true. They don't have computer crimes divisions as in L.A. and San Diego. What can I do to stop this crap without changing my email addresses all of which we've had for over ten years. I hate to block the email as it's gonna look really bad against them in court once we get there with the original dispute. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'd just like to find the ISP at the moment. Also, these Iranian nuts (no, I don't think all Iranians are nuts, just this bunch)have broken some laws already but always escape before the local cops arrive. Cutting off all electric power to all buildings (which is a Federal felony in Mexico), breaking windows to enter condos, attacking one older man, etc. I/we need help. Thanks, Joe (joesblues)

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Can anyone tell me how people can get the green circle check mark virus? My husband's computer has it but the home computer doesn't.


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