Well I've been trying to do some research and I read how other were having problems with this "super virus/adware/spyware/backdoor/etc".

I read in a previous post that if someone else has a similiar problem even with the same virus to make a new topic and stick in a hijack log, so here it is.....be ready to um......*GASP* in horror. I had read to remove most of this stuff have hijack remove it then manually remove x files...Well sir after seeing this log file.....I can tell you now, there is no way I am manually going through all that. Before you say "Well, too bad, you gota if you really wanna be proteced, it's the only way to rid it while in safe mode to manually remove blah blah" Well after seeing the log maybe you'll be more understandable... Ugh it won't let me copy and paste the log file, lets see if I can attach it as a txt file....

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Hi Crevin, welcome to DaniWeb :D

Please follow the recommendations and instructions in the links below. This will:

1.) Prevent reinfections during and after the cleanup process;

2.) Remove some of your infections automatically, and;

3.) Clean up your log a bit so it's not so intimidating :)

Post a new HJT log when you've finished.

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