AppName: explorer.exe
AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106
ModName: ole32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.1619


^^ This is just some details for ya'll. I am not sure but I cannot open ANY folders (Control Panel, My Documents, NONE)

I am running Windows XP and I am about to restore the whole computer if I can, just will take a bit of time to upload all of my backup's and stuff. Can somebody still before I do throw me what could be wrong?

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Hmmmmm, anybody smart enough to answer this?

Quite honestly, the answer is probably yes.

However, as you've posted your question in our "spyware" forum: is there anything that leads you to believe that malicious infections are the root of the problem? They usually aren't in cases such as you've described.


I figured it was a Spyware problem or something but it wasn't that. Not sure what was causing the problem but I investigated it myself and come to find out it was a problem with rundll32.exe not opening up and staying up, so I've created a seperate account on my PC instead of restoring it and well, it works well now.

My basic instinct looking through the processes was IDK and was about to give up until I realized like I said the rundll32.exe wouldn't open, but its fixed, files are transferred to the new account and its all good, thanks for the help anyway.


Glad you got it worked out.

Accounts can definitely get corrupted, and sometimes it can be impossible (or at least very time-consuming) to find and fix the exact problem. Creating a new account and migrating the user's data, as you did, is often the most sensible solution.


Yeah, well, let's see... my finding was that in the explorer.exe report it said something about the ole.dll and I figured and though, hmmmm, maybe it makes sense that rundll32.exe is needed to run all DLL files and so yeah, its fixed basically.

By the way, nice wombat :)

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