I have a virus thats turning my toolbar grey and killing any sound after a few minutes of powering up. I cannot restore to a previous date either. I have tried every malware/virus scan I can find but it's not doping the trick. It was also disabled my internet explorer and google chrome. I am still able to use firefox. Here are my scan results THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!!!!

I cannot post my scans in this thread....I cannot even make a thread without an error message.....connection interupted it says.....I am going to try this post without the scans

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Can you try booting to Safe Mode with Networking and downloading the scanners and then run the scans and posting the logs that way.

Follow the instructions given on this link for correct booting to safe mode
for your operating system

After that Follow the steps given in our Read Me sticky
performing all requested scans exactly as given. Be sure if given the option to Remove do so.
Once you have followed all those instructions then post back here with the requested logs.

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