I desperately need help to fix my computer since it's currently close to impossible to work with it.

I use a HP Pavilion DM3 (which i regret I ever bought) with a AMD Athlon Neo X2 1.60 GHz and 4 giggs of RAM. The machine is running Windows 7 64-bit Home premium.

My problem started with video and audio all of a sudden being very laggy even thou I had CPU capcity to spare. Then soon after that the CPU started showing 100% usage most of the time. Often even when the system was idle. Looking in process explorer the usage seems to come from random processes. Some times it's firefox using a lot some times it's some other application. Though most of the time the culprit is one of the instaces of svchost. Normally 10-20 instances of svchost is running parallel. Going deeper down the service that is normally eating the major part of the capacity is iphlp.

I have checked a lot of forums in my search for an answer to this problem and have disabled windows update, inactivated my HD audio card etc but nothing has helped. I'm therefore hoping that one of the readers of this forum will take pity on me and see if they can help me out.

I have followed the instructions in the virus-readme and attached all the logs below. I had no trouble running the specified applications but unfortunately the log from MBA-M is in my native tongue Swedish. However, MBA-M didn't find any malware anyway so it shouldn't matter. Since GMER One was empty I was not able to attach it and I had to change the extension of GMER Two to .txt but I'm guessing that it shouldn't matter.

I would be very gratefully if any of you would take the time to help me out!!

Thx in advance!

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I came across this problem 2 days ago. The symptoms seem identical. It was a laptop and with some testing I found the southbridge on the laptop to be faulty. I suspect a faulty timer somewhere on the motherboard. I didn't find a cure.

Hi Rik,

Thx for your reply.

Is there any way for a layman like myself to test if I have the same fault in my southbridge? If I could confirm that's the problem I could give up on trying to fix it. It might even constitute a reason under the warranty for HP to give me a new machine.

Thx again!

The onlt way I was able to test the laptop was to remove it's built in keyboard and mouse pad and run it with USB one's instead. Something like that won't be so easy on your machine. Seeing as it's still under warranty, get HP to sort it!

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