mahkintaro Newbie Poster

my laptop (HP Compaq nx6115; Windows XP SP3) is in a mess right now, i don't know what to do with it, it got a virus i believe and i haven't installed any anti virus yet, but when i am installing one, it didn't pop up like when we are installing other programs so i think that the virus is blocking it somehow, i tried to install another anti virus but same result, i'm trying to install it under safe mode but i got a blue screen error message, telling me that i need to do something like this and that, and computer is rebooting under normal mode,so what i did is i click run and type msconfig and check the box under safe boot,but what happened is that the computer is just restarting over and over again even if i choose any option under F8, by the way, i cannot reinstall my operating system coz the dvdrom is not working (like it is not ejecting in any way),any idea?