Hi All,

I have a problem with my pc. Since about a week or so (I didn't download anything that day and I didn't do anythin unusual) everytime I turn on my pc the first screen that appears is AMI American Megatrends and I have to options, I can choose F1(continue) or F2(set up) when I choose "continue" my pc starts up as usual, when I choose "set up" it runs a set up and then it starts up normal.
Since this started my time and date settings reset themselfes everytime I turn on my computer.
And I also have problems with my internet. My security settings are the same, I checked the browser settings and everything but since the AMI-thing started, I often have to give a website special permission to open and when I go online with firefox I can't visit some sites at all. This one for example doesn't open up at all, only when I use internet explorer I can actuall load the site by clicking something like "I know the risk etc".
I'm pretty sure that this has to do with the AMI-thing because it started all at the same time and I checked all my internet settings.
I also checked weather I have a programm from AMI on my computer but I don't.

Can someone help me? thankyou :)

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Take a look at this page about the things that this company manufactures.http://www.ami.com/products/

You aren't going to see these listed in Programs. Check your Device Manager and see if there are any drivers from AMI.

I checked it but there is nothing related to AMI

Run this scan it will give you a report of everything on the computer. The main portion you want is the upper portion which tells you all the hardware installed on the computer.

It sounds as if something was installed or updated which has installed an AMI driver of some kind.
Did you look at that AMI page?

hi all when i started my asus eee pc 904ha it keeps coming up with this message and it whant boot up properly can anyone help thanks? the windows boot manager screen keeps saying that windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause,to fix the problem insert your windows instalation disk and restart, status:oxc000000f info: the boot selection failedbecause a required device is inaccessible.
my netbook doesent have a cd drive, can anyone help thank you, mark


It sounds like your CMOS battery is dead or close to it. The battery is what keeps your CMOS settings when the system is powered off and keps the time clock running so you are up to date when you boot next time. Having to set the date and time when you reboot and the BIOS stopping at F1 to continue is a clasic symptom of this.

hi againe thanks for the update but i tryed the cmos battery but theres nothing wrong with it, i unpluged it and waited for about 1 minute the repluged it back in and reboot and reset the time and date in the bios, but before i unpluged the cmos battery i checked the date and time and it was up to date so upluged it just in case but dident have no effect, my friend is going to bring an exsternull disk drive for the asus eee pc904ha but i need to arrange the boot order so when i boot up it starts with the cd rom first, how do i change the boot order,
and do you have anymore ideas how to fix this, it had a 2 gig ram init when i got it but when i boot it up screen wouldent come on thats were i got the idea of unpluging the cmos battery to reset the cmos clock but dident work, so i put a 1 gig samsung ram in and it booted up and screen came on but with this error message,it said that windows couldent start up properly due to a recent hardware or software problem thats priventing windows from starting properly, any ideas, thank mate and thank you for your reply much appresheated, bi for now mark.

The Delete key will take you into the AMI Bios. There, I think, under Advanced Options you should find you hard drive listed along with any others, eg. an inserted UFD key or drive. Switch the orders. Alternatively, press F8 key immediately after power on and you should be presented with a one-time boot order screen [you must have your external drive connected before powering on].
I have a feeling your hdd has a problem... "status:oxc000000f info: the boot selection failedbecause a required device is inaccessible." -it could be that windows has spat a driver, in which case you need a repair cd, or that the hdd is corrupt or bad.... try to run chkdsk on it, or get a bootable UFD diagnostic software from the drive manufacturer.
Your 2GB of RAM.... it was either incompatible, or bad. Most RAM I have encountered is lifetime guaranteed. Return it.

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can you please advise me how to delete the text from my computer screen from the surge proctor i can get rid of the text if i press F 2 the text goes but when i restart the computer the dial-up icon disappears from the task bar . how do i get the dial-up icon back in the task bar,
there is also no up arrow ^ i do a system restore and the icon re appears but don't like to be doing that all the time

If you go to Control Panel and open Network Connections you will likely see one or two connections listed, something like Local Area Connection and Dial Up Connection. Opening their respective properties via rclick will give you access to a checkbox enabling you to show their icon in the Taskbar. If you use the Dial Up icon to establish a connection then that is the icon you want. The other is quite redundant.
A missing ^ is possibly a hardware keyboard problem. Dust in the switching section, perhaps.
Re your surge protector's helpful onscreen message, I have no idea. It must be some protector; mine has no brain whatsoever. What make and model is it? Google that and "annoying text". I bet you are not alone. People generally loathe that sort of unwarranted intrusiveness, and will strive to defeat it.

Guys How can i fix this problem (AMERICAN MEGATRENDS VIRUS)? Please I need help!!!

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