I need help. I have no clue whatsoever for computers unless im directed thoroughly as to what to do. My Ex boyfriend built my computer and i think its a fake windows 7.

My computer has gone crazy. First it started with redirecting websites to unrelated websites then freezing and restarting IE. Now a blue screen pops up and has a whole bunch of info running and then restarts the whole computer. I need serious help.. im your typical girl without a clue here...

Please help me or direct me to help you help me :S?

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If the system is pirated as you say, a "fake Windows 7" then that means it is a pirated or illegal operating system and we cannot offer assistance. You will need to take the computer to a shop and have them do repairs with a legal copy of the operating system.

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At the very least you should buy a valid number for windows 7 like the rest of us have!


Like i said Rik from RCE.. MY x boyfriend did this to my perfectly fine working computer WHICH i infact purchased with windows etc and now it has falling to peices... just seeing the options.

Thankyou jholland1964 i will look further into that.

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