Help! I have been trying to restore this computer to full working order!
With my limited knowlegde, that's asking alot. LOL Anyway, I had a nasty desktophijack, (apparantly removed) and also ALEMON, (removed aswell). The only problem is that it deleted the wininet.dll. I was able to restore the file, but now I cannot load AOL. The AOL dialer is working, but everytime I try to load the program it tells me it will install the files that will enable me to connect to the service and to restart my computer.
It happens every time I try to load AOL. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but nothing changes. I am using Windows 2000 and rely on this computer to homeschool my children. I would appreciate any help that
you could send my way! :rolleyes:

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I can recommend calling AOL Tech support (888-346-3704) to see if they can fix it. It sounds like something with the AOL Connectivity Service, and/or adapters since you mentioned you had a spyware infection.

Try a scan with their spyware protection 2.0, it seems to work real well.

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