Hey, I need some help. Whenever I start up my computer, I get a dialog box that pops up (see below). I did a little google search on "newdot" and found this:http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/newdot~2.dll.html which doesnt look like something i want.

Please let me know how to get this dialog box from appearing, and how to get rid of "Newdot" if I have it.

EDIT:: Oops, forgot the image :lol:


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I have the same problem.. I think new.dot is something you download for p2p software.. like warez, ares, kazaa, etc. I use warez, and i think when i click the option to update it, it downloads that .dll file.

Do you have a spyware program remover? I bet you use adaware don't you?

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