Good Monring

I am hoping that some of you will be able to help me with the problem I have on my girlfriend's dads computer.

He runs XP Home and using IE for internet browsing.

However, the other day IE would no longer open, there would be a quick flash and it seemed to almost close immediately. The same thing is happening with his e-mail service. Outlook Express i think.

My immediate thought was Malware (as it always is) and tried to update Anti Malware Bytes as I had previously installed it, but kpet getting an error message basically saying there was no internet connection.

Managed to manually download the Malware Bytes update off another computer and install it, then I did a full scan in safe mode, to hopefully ensure that there was no malware running at the time.

There were a few infections and it does seem to have sorted the Internet Connection. But, unfortunately still unable to open IE and E-mail. I have managed to install Google Chrome so he does have access to the internet.

Any assistance will be much appreciated, I will request him to upload the Malware Bytes log file. Do you need anything else?



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