Hi I'm a bit of a noob and don't really know where to go from here. It seems I have a virus but my computer won't let me open any .exe files, or let me into control panel, my documents etc. All the thumbnails on the desktop are missing. I originally had an error pop up saying that windows cannot run dslauncher.exe??
I downloaded trend micro hijackthis and it seemed to run but an error came up saying that the system is denying access to a certain part of the system and I need to run the program as administrator (which I can't do because I can't get to the exe file to open it). I really don't know what else to do, please help!

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I hear you! I was hacked about 4 months ago! I have learned many things. They even hacked my bank account! Would be willing to share and help if I can. I have been putting together some material that will hopefully help other's.

You can contact me on skype or through email.

Best Regards.

Cheryl Ryning

Yes that would be great thank you!! What's your email address? I've tried following all the steps listed on this site but it feels like the virus is always one step ahead. GMER Rootkit scanner wont even run :-S

Thank you!

Try spybot search and destroy. You can download it free from cnet, it found where I was hacked.

You can email me at <snip>

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