I have seen this before but am wondering what could be recommended as of how to take of this issue before I start jumping to the computer later this afternoon.

I have a Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop that has Avast Server Managed Anti-Virus. 1.2 GHz 512MB RAM.

The issues:

One: I am receiving is that the AV software is preventing any type of network access due to a Malicious Script that is running. It comes up with several different messages stat 'Avast! has detected a Malicious script: www.openportsvrc.com/remote ... and several other of that type.

Two: Computer is rather slow upon starting and is pulling 600MB on ram when it only has 488MB available to use.

The browser currently in use on this computer is IE6 and Win XP Pro SP2. Was going to run updates until I found this issue on the computer.

I have done very little to the computer since last night.
MalwareBytes was run, found nothing.
Avast! AntiVirus Boot Scan ran, Found 35 infections Quarantined and Removed.
C-Cleaner was run, Cleared Temp files and 300 bad Registry Files.
Start Up, Cleaned and only has required programs.

Granted now the computer is no longer slow in start up after the small cleaning but the primary issue is still present.

Just more of a suggestive since when I get back to it I might run a few more programs i have and see what else I find. Any Suggestions are acceptable and reformatting the computer is the last option I would even think of though it may be easier.

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We actually know nothing here since no logs have been posted, other than the fact that the computer is probably 7 years out of date based on the service pack and You are running a 10 year old copy of Internet Explorer. IE7 was released nearly 5 years ago and IE 8 was released 2 years ago.

Cleaning the registry would certainly NOT be one of the recommended steps, expecially 300 entries. IF there were infected registry entries then Avast and MBA-M would have found those and removed them. Any other items would simply be dead entries and need not be worried about, they take up very little room and certainly shouldn't slow the computer.

Is the Avast program fully up to date? Is CCleaner fully up to date, is MBA-M fully up to date?

None of your scans will be done correctly or fully if those programs are as out of date as the system.

One of the easiest ways to end up with severe infections is to run a computer that is so many years of date. Security patches are released all the time to plug various holes in system security and you are missing probably too of them to even count or list by not having your system up to date. Regular programs also often have security updates added so you probably are missing those also again adding risk to the computer.

Please follow all the steps given in our Read Me Sticky.

Please COPY/PASTE All requested logs from those programs in the Read Me sticky and we can better tell what needs to be done.

All of the cleaning software was kept up to date just the computers have received very little MS Updates and only select Security updates. IE was never updated since we always ignored it and used a different browser.

There are also 200 other computers in part of this domain where this computer belongs and this is the only one that has any type of infection so far. Yes the computer is old and the software being used has been used for almost 7 years, but the cleaning software has been getting updated until this past week when the computer became infected. Avast! AV was just a -four month ago- addition to the domain when the previous AV contract ran out with McAfee.

I will try to find the Avast scanner log and post it here but C-Cleaner does not (From what I've Seen) place a log file anywhere. If I can get the Avast log then I will post it. MalwareBytes log will be of no help I believe since it found nothing.

Hi All!

I'm new to the List but I was wondering what would be the best Dell Lap Top computer to buy? I would apprecate any recommendations.

Hi All!

I'm new to the List but I was wondering what would be the best Dell Lap Top computer to buy? I would apprecate any recommendations.

This is not the place to post this question. We are working on a computer clean up here. I suggest that you post this in the PC Hardware forum

Needless to say that I still haven't located the log file from Avast, but seems the infection has either subsided or has been dealt with. We were able to get our files and information we needed from it to provide a temporary replacement for the user to finish out the school year.

We are thinking of reformatting the computer when the school year is over with and installing the updated software that we will use for the next year, so there really is not much of a loss on that computer.

Though I don't think the issue is fixed with the computer since it still won't go to the internet, but it now seems to be the easiest solution over the summer break.

Good enough. Thanks for posting back to let us know.

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