ok so im a 17year old kid who is the "computer expert" in the family. my moms laptop (DELL Latitude C840; Windows 2000) got some pop up trouble and i assume viruses anywhere from 3-2 years ago. my mom ended up just getting a new laptop, and this 1 was forgotten about for the last year to year and a half. i recently took back out the computer and downloaded Ad-Aware se and some of the popups stopped, but the computer is still noticeably slower than it was when first purchased, and Ad-Aware se when runs always finds more "problems". All i have been using the computer for is Word documents and AOL Instant Messenger. i believe that the problems with this computer have to be fairly old and simple to get rid of. my dad says he is willing to Purchase Nortan AntiVirus for this computer if necessary or to send it to a computer center to get professionally fixed. i am currious if an AntiVirus program would most likely solve this problem or if i should bring the computer to a professional, or if i can receive tips here to solve the issues. all i wish is for the computer to be up to speed and ready to surf the web again. if i need to supply more information in this thread just tell me what you need to know.

thanks, and i appreciate the help

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Hi chansky, welcome to DaniWeb :D

You should have an antivirus program installed, but I don't think you should get Norton; you can download AVG (and others) for free.

To try to get your computer cleaned up yourself, follow the recommendations in the links below. If it still seems to have problems, post a HijackThis log here in this thread and we'll see if it shows anything bad.

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