I have little problem with my ESET smart security v. At first when I installed this software everything worked ok but after only one week ESET icon in bottom right corner of the screen had turn red and antivirus is showing message "Maximum protection is not ensured" Using Google I find page which describes why protection status icon goes red:


Red - Maximum protection is not ensured
A red Protection status icon with a white exclamation point displays when maximum protection is not ensured and your computer is vulnerable to threats. Generally, you will see an alert message explaining why maximum protection is not ensured and recommending actions to take. One or both of the Antivirus and antispyware or the Personal firewall modules may have red exclamation points next to them.

* Product not activated: This problem is signaled by a red warning and a security notification next to the Computer item. You can activate ESET Smart Security from the program menu using the Product activation option. The program menu is located in the top right-hand corner of the main menu.

* Username and Password not entered correctly: If your Protection status icon turns red immediately after you install ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus, check to make sure your username and password are entered correctly. A typo in the username or password fields will prevent your ESET security product from updating.

* If one of your ESET security product's critical protection modules is disabled, such as Real-time file system protection, the protection status icon will turn red. Visit the following ESET Knowledgebase article for more information about how to exclude certain files from Real-time file system scanning without disabling the module entirely. How do I exclude certain files or folders from Real-time scanning? (5.x)

* License is expired: The Protection status icon will turn red after your license has expired. Click here for instructions on renewing your license.

* Protection status icon is red because your ESET Personal firewall is disabled. You can enable it from the main program window by clicking Enable filtering mode.

This is how it is in my case:

Product not activated: As far as I now my version of ESET was activated from the start. I also have problem finding Product activation option in the top right-hand corner of the main menu?

Username and Password not entered correctly: I am not geting any message like "wrong username/password", only when I click on "Update virus signature database" ESET starts updating and then username/password window popups with already remembered user./pass. and I click OK, ESET then countinues to "update" for 1-2 seconds and then again username/pass. window popups? So, I don't get any message type of "incorrect username/pass." but still that small window always popups??

Real-time file system protection: I am sure this part is ok and that this is not cause of my problem

License is expired: I never received this type of message on first ESET screen and I doubt this could be the reason

ESET Personal firewall is disabled: no problem here also, I double-checked it

Any help is appreciated and many thanks in advance for prompt replys.


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could be it just needs to be updated ,i also find it funny why you pasted info from esets website and instead of going to the forum link at the top of there page, you came here to ask for help ,

try updating your antivirus. Better still, you cold try activating it again.

Netcode ,they posted already that they did or checked most things ,except maybe running the definitions updates manually ,it likely does it automatic anyway ,but wouldn't hurt to do it manually ,my Microsoft security essential shows red a lot ,and it usually just want to update or do a scan

Now you got my point

could be it just needs to be updated ,i also find it funny why you pasted info from esets website and instead of going to the forum link at the top of there page, you came here to ask for help ,

Thanks for quick reply caperjack, appreciate it.
I heared for this forum from my friend and that's why I posted topic here. I have open same topic on this and wilderssecurity because I need prompt reply, I need to solve this as soon as possible.

Regarding suggestion for update that's the problem, when I click "update virus signature database" loading bar starts "updating" for 1-2 seconds and then small username/password window popups asking me to enter u/p and I don't get any specific errore message beside that continuesly popup window..

so you need to put in username and password ,what make you call it a error,sounds correct to me ,a lot of registered programs work that way ,sound to me like the programs hasn't been activated correctly,if you don't have the username and password for it ,when did you buy the program and from who ,maybe they can offer a suggestion

It looks like my username/password was wrong, it works great now Thanks for all help!


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