my laptop must have a virus on it, it seems that the right half of the letters on the key board at numbers im not sure what to do.. help me please

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You don't have a virus. Your numlock key is turned on. Notice how those same keys are actually labelled with numbers on them, in a different color?

Usually, there's a key to toggle that behaviour. Like, find the key labelled "NUMLOCK" in a different color. Then, hit your Fn key and the NUMLOCK key at the same time. Things should be back to normal for you.

Keep in mind, there's absolutely no virus, to my knowledge, that remaps your keyboard like this.

HAHAHA wow dont i feel stupied thanks though.. god that was too funny


You don't have a virus. Your numlock key is turned on...

OMG Alex, please don't do that when I'm drinking coffee- it came right out of my nose and spewed all over my keyboard!!! [img][/img]

Oh crud- now my keyboard is acting funky.... :mrgreen:

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