I'm not very good with this type of problem, so I REALLY need your help.

OK, so... Two days ago, I turned on the computer, and like always, Spy Bot popped up to see if I wanted to check for errors. So i decided to check for errors, and then all of the sudden 5 pop-ups appeared (since my internet is always connected) even though I have a pop-up blocker, and things started installing themselves. So, I decided to disable the internet connection so I could scan the computer without the pop-ups installing stuff. I scanned with Norton-Anti Virus, and it found around 19 viruses. I tried to delete them, but only a few deleted. After that, the computer's monitor turned off by itself, and when i tried to turn it back on, it showed the same message it shows you when the whole computer is off (something like "Cable Disconnected"). So then since I've already had the same problem before, and nothing was working this time either, I shut the computer off for the next day. The next day, the computer worked, but just for a little bit of time. In that time, I noticed that the Local Internet Connection stated "Little or No Connectivity." It was obviously no connectivity, because I tried to use the internet, and it wouldn't work. The weird thing is, my laptop is connected to my computer, so I'm using the same connection for both, but the laptop's connection is fine. Of course, after an hour or so, the computer shut off again. Today, I turned it on, and it finally worked. I scanned the computer with Spy Bot, and I fixed all the errors. Then I scanned with Norton, and it fixed all of the errors. I don't know if it is a virus that doesn't let me connect to the internet, but it doesn't look like it. The only thing that the computer says I can do, is repair the connection, but it says "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed:
Renewing IP address..." I've tried to see what is wrong with the IP address, but I don't see anything... If you have a suggestion to my problem, feel free to e-mail me at verito_mos@hotmail.com

:sad: !!!PLEASE HELP!!! :sad:

Thanks! :o

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First, follow the steps outlined in this thread:

I'm pretty sure you will need to post a hijackthis log (explained in the thread). If you do, please post it in a new thread in the Security forum.

Also, empty the contents of all "temp" and 'temporary internet" folders for all users. You should also do a search for *.tmp and delete everything that is found.

Thanx, guys for all your help on this problem, even though I didn't end up fixing it. I ended up transfering my C files to my F and G drives and erasing everything in C...

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