After download Spybot Search & Destroy on my computer, I couldn’t open any files on my Desktop, Control Panel to remove or deleted any software, and use the wireless internet, the message C:\WINDOW \SYSTEM32\RUNDLL32EX, pop up. What should I do to remove the message? The software on my computer is Window XP Professional.

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I will suggest to repair the Xp installation from the original CD. It seems that some relevant files had been removed or damaged.

Hope this helps


Downloading of SpyBot Search and Destroy would not cause this problem unless you did not get the real program. Where did you get the program?
The only download sites for this program are those listed on it's website:


You need to follow the steps given here:

You obviously are posting from another computer since you say you cannot access the internet with the affected computer so use this computer to download the programs, put them onto a flash drive and use that to put the programs onto the affected computer, then run the programs and post back with the logs.

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