I just installed the latest Zone Alarm with Anti-virus.

I configured it to lock down the things I wanted to lock down ..
(I have used Zone Alarm for a long time)


Every time it starts it gives changes my preferences...

It keeps giving access to itself and LSA Shell and a component called ISAFEPRODUCT...

ISAFEPRODUCT research says it is a safe product but WHY does ZoneAlarm keep changing my settings...

Nothing tells me what program is using it or what it is doing...

It may have something to do with the automatic smart defense analyzer so I just set it to manual to see if that will retain my settings.

On a different issue... Has anyone used Black Ice...
It does seem to have some excellent features (not antivir)

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Well I used Black Ice several years ago, and the only thing that bothered me with it was that it always asked me, every time, whether I wanted the program I had just opened to run. I think I had even tried turning this off, with no avail. Then again, realize this was several years ago, and Im SURE they have better products now.

Security wise, it worked great.


I don't have an answer to your problem, but perhaps a solution, after I got tired of the problems with zone alarm I switched to Sygate. It works well, and plays well with other, unlike za.

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