Please have a look at tis image,, one unknown LG Brands logo is commming in here

Click Here
how to remove this I cant open these disk.

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the link goes to an error page

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the link goes to an error page

Hei there,

fist of all the link's Daniweb that doesn't allow a character that's in the link. Here is the link http:/'s possible you've installed an LG driver or you've mounted an LG disk....other wise I wouldn't know what could it be.

Drives E:, F:, H: - what are they, USB flashdrive keys? Whatever, check them for Autorun.inf files. Those files possibly contain something like...
...where LG.ico or similar is pointing to an icon file somewhere.
Just delete the Autorun.inf files.

The only possibility is, you have installed any LG driver or software application whose installation files are copied into these drives. There would be an autorun file in these drives and you need to delete these autorun files applying that LG logo to these drives.

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