Tori, ignore the henny penny lines... I was just testing how the site handled multiple spaces etc. - it removed them.
To paste on this site, I must use Ctrl-V.
In Device Manager, ensure that your Intel Pro Wireless adapter is working [no exclamation mark]. It is actually enabled, else it would not show in ipconfig.
I don't know if your lappie has a hardware or software switch for the wireless... Fn+F5 gets you the software menu - make sure the Master is on, and then your wireless adapter.
FSS says the software side [drivers] is okay.

Power management has not switched it off?
Earlier, you said you could not connect to download Kaspersky online scanner... can you connect with a LAN cable? Are there settings in your Intel\Wireless program iFrmewrk which could interfere?

In Network Connections, Wireless tab, remove any old network profiles listed, do the same with the Intel software. Try to search for networks afresh.
And finally, try uninstalling the Intel Wireless software to see if windows can manage the adapter. Reinstall Intel Wireless.

Dear Gerbil,

I found out that the wireless power switch is broken, sometimes when I touch it, it starts giving signals, but it is not stable. I gave it to be fixed.

I really appreciate your great assistance you offered me here, and I was happy to hear that my lappie is clean. I really do affraid of trying to install any new software from the internet due to that.

Thank again
You are great!

You are welcome, Tori.
It can be frustrating when one problem masks another, separate issue.
Get your softwares from reputable sites. A tip... if many sites have the same program, it's likely safe.

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