I'm seriously stuck here. The issue is with one Windows 7 Home Premium machine. This machine:

-- I can not ping it from either Win 7 or XP clients (I have a mix of Win 7 and XP)
-- This machine can not be seen in the 'My Network Places' from XP Clients (SP2 & SP3)
-- This machine can be seen in 'My Network Place' by another Win 7 machines. But can't ping to this problematic computer.
-- This machine cannot therefore access the shared printers & folders which're shared in my network. Other computer can.

I have gone to google search with "Windows 7 Home Premium cannot see XP computers in network", I have seen many suggestions in forums which have not helped me.

Few things I tried:

-I have made sure I enabled network discovery and file sharing (I know how to do this)
-I have changed the workgroup name to a different name,restarted, changed the workgroup name to the one in use.
-Went to firewall and enabled print and file sharing in the inbound properties.
-One forum said I should go to gpedit and change some network settings (LAN......)
----I have checked and checked to be sure I connect to "Work" network and enable everything that to needs be enabled in File and Printer Sharing.

Please help.

All printers are connected to XP clients and I want to be able to print from this Win 7 Client. I know the procedures to share a printer but since this Win 7 cannot see XP clients, I can't get to the printer.

Thanks for any help. I hope I explain my problem clearly.


Unless I am mistaken the issue is with the Home Premium version of Windows 7. It is only designed to see computers in a Homegroup and does not support other networks or domains. Below is a link to the Microsoft page that shows the capabilities of each version of Windows 7. You need at least Windows 7 Professional to see the XP systems on the network.

Windows 7 Compare

Windows 7 Home does not work with domains. You can only use it in a non-domain environment. As long as you have the correct workgroup named on that machine, that it belongs to, you should have no problem browsing Network shares, unless other machines, or your router does not allow that to happen.

In rare occurances, it comes down to being third party Firewall/Internet Security software being the problem, not the OS.

commented: Thanks, but I think a domain is different from a workgroup. I'm in a workgroup. +2

I managed to add a printer by using the IP address of the machine that hosts the printer. Solved.