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I wonder if you could help me since a couple of days ago i tried downloading a program and all it has gave me since is a pop up survey that wont go way ive tried clicking the 'x' but it will not shift it wont let me load taskmanager or command prompt and other windows programs and has also made my whole taskbar disapear i currently have Norton and have scanned since this has happened and it hasn't found any virus it is frustrating as it is right in the middle of my screen and with me having no taskbar it don't make it easy the program is netfix generator which isn't the original program i wanted to download and the survey it wants me to do is fileice when i click the 'x' it says this is the first warning on the 2nd warning you computer will become unstable please if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated thank you

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Try downloading malwarebytes. It's free and does a pretty good job of finding malware missed by traditional AV clients.


Yeah, mbam should sort it. Get rid of that norton crap and put some proper protection on your computer.


Thank you for the replys it is really appreciated i am going to download malwarebytes and see if that helps ill keep you updated thank you

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