A while back, I started noticing my internet would crash once in a while, and sometimes would be extremely slow. (Our plan says we're at 18-25mB/s download speed). I downloaded a program called Networx to monitor the network usage and keep track of everything. I check the data usage every week or so, and I've been noticing that there are certain days that it says I've downloaded 20,000 gigabytes or more... I have unlimited interenet, so I don't get charged extra for the usage, but I'm concerned that someone has tapped into our network somewhere and is using up the bandwidth. There is no way I download that much data.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you.

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first thing would be to change your routers wep wifi pass key

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first thing would be to change your routers wep wifi pass key

I've used Networx for a few years and I've never known it to report false numbers, however, if you have more than one computer inside your firewall it is possible that it is also reporting traffic between those machines. Although with the number you are reporting (20,000gb) I doubt that you have a fast enough connection that that capacity is even possible over the given time period. If that number was reported over a 24 hour period it works out to almost 14 gb per minute. I don't know any connections that can claim that throughput.

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