I'm usually on Firefox, windows 7 64 bit, fujitsu lifebook, run adblocker on FF and I get these weird tabs that just open right in front of my eyes sometimes that say "hope", "patience" etc. and have a kind of colored border, nothing on the tab, just the tab title. This is really starting to piss me off. I figured it was just some millenial adding a "Zen" approach to FF but I want to bazooka it outta my computer. I use BitDefender, run Malware Bytes full scan regularly and run microsoft malicious removal tool. I can't find this thing. Also, almost every day twice a day a tab opens up to Australian Brewing Company, why on earth I do not know, and of course FF says get the heck out of there, is a web forgery etc. I can't find the problem. Any suggestions?

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Virus maybe?


OMG! Thank you so much for the cleaner and removal tool links! I have an account over there too, great stuff for free! I ran both of those and even though I always am sooooo careful when installing stuff to not let the bloat ware and add on crap come thru, it still found a few things hidden. I even use the Revo uninstaller tool but there were still some leftover bits of crud. Computer running great now and not making those odd ghost tabs that open by themselves. Thanks!

I ran both of the suggestions and it appeared to correct the problem, but then the uninvited website popped up again. Here it is. I would NOT use the link in case it will infect your computer. But this link keeps opening up and is being blocked as a web forgery and can't seem to get rid of it. Any suggestons are appreciated: 'getsoftfree.com/soft/t3/cca6f723/?sid=104185&uid=1803188932&filename=setup'

tried to fix that last post, but it posted as a new one. ty for fixing it!!! :)

It doesn't occur with IE; and Chrome is not installed on this computer.


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