My name is Jeannot Thewissen. I am from the Netherlands so it could be that my english isn't so good.
What's my Problem:

Windows 8.1 is acting strange. With acting strange I mean:
- automatic zoom in. (won't zoom out) or can zoom out and immidiately windows zooms in.
- keyboard doesn't work really good (wrong keys for example: I push D and windows help comes up)
- No virusses detected. Scanned with Avira and AVG
- Windows won't close programs
- clicking on buttons for closing doesn't work. I have to click more than 10 times to close.

What could it be?
- Corrupted system.
- Hidden virusses.
- etc.

I hope I get an answer soon!

Kind regards,

Jeannot Thewissen

Windows is activated. Forgot to say that.

Solved it. I Used NOD32 (ESET) online scanner which found a virus.
The description if you googled it was: Virus: Third party control

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