I have been unable to find help in all usual sources. Admin profile created when PC was purchased gets error msg. "insufficient permissions" for many mundane activities.Admin profiles named CREATOR OWNER, TRUSTED INSTALLER, SYSTEM, ADMINISTRATOR have full control with inherited permissions. Norton, MSFT, pcesupport all acessed remotely & claim these admin profiles are legit. I think corrupted as services are disabled, anti-virus updates blocked, drives made inaccessible This was trie for 3 PCs I have just about trashed because of malware infection that seems to be tied to these admin profiles. I'd like to know: 1) can i make new admin w/ same perms. using runas?, 2) tried using repair disk-didn't work (nor does sys restore) 3) suggestions for fixing w/o losing program files? 4) if c is wiped and os reinstalled, any ideas for preventing this from happening again (has affected total of 7 pcs over 2 generations despite excellent antivirus, MBAM etc.

Help would be hugely appreciated, I'm at the end of my rope. Thanks in advance.

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Try logging in safemode. If its working, then start backing up all your c drive files to other drives. [My suggestion is not to back up files...Because if it is affected too, then new OS installation will result to zero...]And then try to uninstall the recent suspicious installations. And My suggestions for antivirus is Avast. Try to use that,because as a IT engineer I am amazeed about the functionalities of avast firewall.

Tell me if anything is not going well in this process.

Have a speedy recovery to your system...:-D


Avast is a excellent suggestion for an antivirus. I would also suggest Malwarebytes Antimalware as I have solved many problems with that as well.

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