OK, I admit I'm posting a lot these days, ever since I installed a multiple anti-everything protection. Feeling much safer is a good thing, but now I'm facing another extreme...machine is painfully slow in everything I do - mouse pointer, typing, windows opening, websites downloading. The source of this is Winpatrol application - everything works fine until "Scotty" (icon on desktop bar) starts to chew this Ying&Yang ball or what ever that is, then everything starts to work with jerking action, letters just crawling on display while I type, in short - the machine is hardly usable for any serious work.

If someone knows what can be done about it, please advise. If there's no workaround, I'll be better off if I uninstall Winpatrol.

Thanks in advance !


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Thanks, that's what I thought..too many guards makes crowd at the gates.

I already have Norton Anti Virus 5.02.04 installed and regulary updated. Can you point out with few words what would I benefit from replacing NAV with AVG ?



[*]Light Wieght
[*]Performs the same as NAV
[*]Doesn't steal 90% of your system resources like Norton.
[*]Did I mention free?


Now I'm curious :) I might give it a try, can't be worse than once-upon-a-time NAV for Win98, as a bonus it's available in Windows and Linux - perfect marriage for my new double OS machine.

Thanks !

One more thing (sorry to jump in!); I've just been through some readings, some of which are suggesting double-check setups, like having AVG as resident and Avast for manual double check-ups..or vice versa, I don't think it's completely irrelevant which one you use for what role. Any comments or different suggestions for such twin configurations ?


Heh sorry for a late reply, but I personally would go with AVG as the resident, and Avast as the manual second.


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