Hey all, i have a lil problem i created for myself. i recieved an email from some1 that used my sisters name .but it wasent from her..it had a different senders email address...problem is, it had a link...I was outside and the sun was very bright i didnt really chek to see if it had really come from her ...I CLICKED ON THE LINK AND WAS ROUTED TO A WEIGHT LOST SITE...thats when i quickly closed...but i opened that link!!! so after realizing my blunder i changed all my passwordsfrom my pc.ubuntu 12.04 lts **i opened the link on my smartphone not pc***.*(andriod 2.3.3...old but does all i need it to do!lol)i only use two apps on this phone but still sometimes flip through email)...so i reported as spam on gmail phone app..and it was deleted..also i factory restored phone...but now i'm lil worried about using my phone as i feel like im being monitored ....link didnt cause any disruptions on phone that is visable but am not sure it carted away whatever it was intended to... i know that wasent for giggles...so can some1 still control phone(besides apps) and listen in on calls?....another thing i tracked the sender address but am thinking anyone could add that address as the sender?...please help i dont feel comfortable talking on my phone anymore......what do u think i should do?..lol feel like the phone is looking back at me..lol....helppppp Dani friends...

so can some1 still control phone(besides apps) and listen in on calls?

One word: NSA, actually three words... and answer is Yes.


Before you start panicking, I would like to ask you to install Anti-Virus like Comodo or Avast, scan your PC (thoroughly) and then go for your mobile.


So, after all catching up, you got an email you thought it was from your sister, then you opened it on your Ubuntu 12.04, site was blank, you quit, then you started your Android opened exactly same dangerous link (#genius#). Then you marked it as spam and now you're worried about being monitored?

So far I know, if nothing happened you're still monitored, that "virus" (if there's any) is just one more listener.

Here's link on how to reset it
Go for Method 2, apparently it's hardcore reboot wiping all the data.
This would probably kill the virus, if any.
Like you said, you have only 2 apps, but if you have anything else in it, you either save it, or set it on fire (not literally of course)

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