I was stumbling trough the inter net the other day when I came across a company offering Free (3 systems or less) software to help find your Laptop, Tablet, phone, etc. should it be misplaced or stolen. Not a unique idea I know but they had some interesting features besides just basic geo-location.

The software is called Prey and I am trying it on a couple of my systems but, in the mean time I though it would be something that my fellow DaniWeb users might like to look ito.


After installing the software on your laptop, tablet or phone, Prey will sleep silently in the background awaiting your command. Once remotely triggered from your Prey account, your device will gather and deliver detailed evidence back to you, including a picture of who's using it – often the crucial piece of data that police officers need to take action.such as the ability to turn on the devices camera and get a picture of who is using your computer.

Prey allows you to remotely lock down your devices and delete your stored passwords, to ensure that no one will have access to your private stuff.

If anyone else has used this product or a similar product I would be interested in hearing about it and any Likes or dislikes you had using it.

My thought about all those products is that they're utterly useless.
Were I to steal such a device the first thing I'd do is turn off all network options.
Then I'd go somewhere safe and hard force it to reset to factory defaults.
The first step would make the tracking software irrelevant/useless.
The second step would remove it.

I give the same advice to everybody.

Unless the theft recovery is built into the BIOS somehow.... it is useless. Most of these programs won't work unless you log into the machine. For MAC or windows that means automated signin that allows the theif to connect the mac to his own wifi AP. These softwares are useless unless someone plugs them into a network or can sign in to the GUI to activate Wifi.

What's more valuable to you, the value of the laptop, or the data contained therein. For me, it's the data, no question. My password files, ssh keys, emails, data, etc....

I would rather encrypt the drive so that no one can access. This means all that tracking software is useless because the laptop won't boot. But, 99.99999% of the theives out there will never touch my data.

Plus, cops will not waste time going after a $100-$500 phone or laptop. If you go confront the theif, then you are just asking to get shot or arrested for harassement.

Just encrypt your data instead

Are you sure these people aren't trying to track your equipment so they can steal it ? Or maybe hackers can find your equipment when you are using it ?

I recommend not to trust in such software influence some thrilling features, which makes you to forget about your personal paid hardware and software installed on your machine. Supreme is to use maximum security and privacy tools offered by the Operating System and hardware manufactures. Very good example Microsoft Windows 10 is eliminated the extra cost one invest on Antivirus and third party firewalls. However, Microsoft is defending to protect their customers as well as their resources. Apple iOS has its own outstanding trend to support system and software security.

I have used Prey client for more than a year. I havent came across a situation where my laptop was stolen. However, whenever the Prey client communicates to the Prey server through the network, a notification that the device made contact with server will be sent to your email.

But, i also use True Crypt as an added measure to encrypt my drive. Therefore, i dont rely completely on Prey to protect my PC as i do a regular backup of my data.

If the thief is a smart person, the person may just hard reset to factory settings before connecting to the network, then you wouldnt know what happened to your device. Consider regular backup of data, and drive encryption as an added measure.


It would be useful in certain cases - as long as the person stole it is not a technically competant, you may be benefited by turning off your bank login details, personal sensitive information.

You can still be benefited to a certain extent as you can delete certain data files as soon as you knew the device was stolen - this would save you a lot of bottleneck.

Given that it can take a photo of the person using it - it is a good buy.

- Siva

@Siva_10.... No it's not. Sorry, but for any of that to work, a thief has to take the laptop onto a live wifi network. Plus you would have to have no credentials on the unit.... just start right into your workspace. For a laptop worth a few hundred.... is it really worth the risk of all your info out in the open. Better to encrypt the drive and claim the laptop stolen on insurance.

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