One of the mantras of computing and just about anything data related is "We only lose what we don't backup" but some are taking offense that this is still the current state of computing today. Recently some owners call this out as "blaming the user", "you're holding it wrong" or snobby. Everyone I know will try their best to help you get your machine back in working order even if people say such things. They've lost it all and upset that they can't get their stuff back.

Last week's example was another smart phone, forgot their password, unlock code and the only way folk told them was to factory reset the phone. No backups, ever. Owner's statement: "I've never backed up, why is that my problem?"

I don't mind all that but it is your data. Keep it safe. No one else will.

Q1. Is such thinking out of date?

Q2. Is the industry really that out of touch?

"I've never backed up, why is that my problem?"

And yet the same person, if you asked him why he locks his house when he leaves for work would just look at you like you were a moron.