We have a mixed set of licenses at my organization: some of use are on Tableau Server, others are on Tableau Cloud. I am having difficulty figuring out how to share a dashboard I made in Tableau Server with a user who only has Tableau Cloud access. I have been told this is possible but have yet to find any documentation laying out the specific steps.

Is it possible to share a Tableau Server dashboard with a Tableau Cloud user?

When I go to share a dashboard the only users I see available for sharing are those at my organization who have Tableau Server. I tried sharing just the URL with a Tableau Cloud user and they were unable to open the link.

I found a few how-to links so yes, it is possible to share a Tableau Server dashboard with a Tableau Cloud user - How To Share a Tableau Dashboard: A Step-by-Step Tutorial OR
share a Tableau Server dashboard with a Tableau Cloud user

Steps to follow -

Make sure your dashboard is published on Tableau Server.
Ensure that the dashboard is accessible to the Tableau Cloud user. You can do this by setting the appropriate permissions for the dashboard.
Navigate to the dashboard on Tableau Server.
Click on the "..." (More Options) menu next to the dashboard's name.
Select "Permissions" or "Share" (the exact wording may vary depending on your Tableau Server version).
In the permissions or sharing dialog, add the Tableau Cloud user's email address or Tableau Online username to the list of users who can access the dashboard.
Assign the appropriate permissions, such as "View" or "Interact," based on what you want the Tableau Cloud user to do with the dashboard.
Let the Tableau Cloud user know that you have shared the dashboard with them on Tableau Server and provide them with the necessary access details.
The Tableau Cloud user can access the shared dashboard by logging into their Tableau Cloud account.
They should navigate to the shared dashboard within the Tableau Cloud interface, where it will be available for viewing and interaction.
Keep in mind that both the Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud users should have the appropriate licenses and permissions to access and view the dashboard. If the Tableau Cloud user is unable to open the link you shared, double-check that their permissions are correctly set on the Tableau Server and that they are logging into the correct Tableau Cloud account.

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