Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002, Service Pack 1
Computer: Compaq Presario S5020AN
Last programs downloaded: Ad-Aware, AltoMp3Maker


Everytime I goto a website, the page loads fresh, like it's never been loaded before. Every image loads over, which makes it a lengthy task for me to browse around, especially on dial up.

I initially thought something was wrong with my temp internet files settings, but i checked, it was all normal, I even reset my internet options back to their default, but it still does it.

I've scanned with AVG aswell as Ad-aware, but there's nothing to really be noted.

Also, everytime I connect to the internet I get a pop up ad the size of my screen, ad-aware hasn't got rid of it, so i've got no idea.. maybe it's something to do with my loading problem?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help given!

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What does the pop-up window say? It obviously shouldn't be there, and it could certainly indicate that you've got malicious programs on your system. Remember that no single utility, included Ad Aware, will be able to detect and remove all possible infections.

In your Internet Options control panel under Temporary Internet files->Settings, what is the "check for newer versions of stored pages..." option set to?


It's set to "Automatically".

The pop-up varies.. it can be for a casino, or an ad for spyware removal programs. Should I try another spyware detecting program?


Should I try another spyware detecting program?

Yes, but I don't have time to respond in detail right now (dinner time on my end of the world).

I'm moving this thread to our Security forum so that our "spyware" experts can offer their input. Have a look through the threads in the security forum to find out what other programs you can use to help rid yourself of your "unwanted guests".

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