Just a middle school teacher here, but need to know what is happening on my computer. I'm taking online courses that use Java. Today when every time I tried to send a reply it would take forever and not send. So I called the college who told me to revert back to Java 5, not my updated 6 version. I did that. All went along ok until the slowness...I mean the kind of slowness that makes you resort to mumbling and eventually restarting your computer. Ahhhhh! When it restarted, the icon for the Beta (old one) of IE is shady looking...like it is losing its pixels...fading. I have seen this before this week and ran all the common virus stuff. Voila! That fixed it. Now I want to know what is causing this. Any ideas? The two problems may be completely unrelated, just thought I would give you all the info.


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You still have a beta for IE!? Gee.... my halfpenworth? [bit like a cent, just older] worth of advice would be to stick with IE6, unless you desire a shoddy, bloated attempt to emulate FF, in which case get IE7 and find some sites still do not support it.
Use old java versions if you really want to get knocked down by malware hunting for them...
Common virus stuff? Your resident AV should pretty much cope? But obviously it does not... if you are getting repeat problems perhaps you don't have SP2, or did not clean completely [perhaps you still have an active downloader portion of the infection remanent..]
Toss us a hijackthis scan log [see top sticky].

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