I get two different error messages at the startup of windows. The first one says error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\drvlel.dll The specified module cannot be found
The second one says LoadLibrary("C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\wlwzolyp.dll") failed The specified module cannot be found

Any ideas how to fix this? I would really REALLY appreciate it.


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if u know how to go into the registry u can get rid of these messages. ther comes up because the program that controll these files are set in the registry to run each time u start the pc, did u remove any software recently,


Im not sure if its the registry, but i clicked on run and typed in msconfig and then unchecked the box next to the 2 things that are showing up. That seemed to fix that problem but I now seem to have two others. For some reason, my documents opens up by itself when i load windows and it now seems to take 5 times longer for windows to load up. Im not sure what to do


sure u can do it in msconfig, same thing as the registry, but the registry provide a more direct and comprehensive list. go through msconfig and see what else is there, be warned that some items might not be in msconfig that startup on you comp

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