My Startware has taken over my Internet
explorer. I normally use Mozilla but tried to update Explorer from an email from Microsoft and could not do it. I tried to open Explorer but found this Starware. What is it? Can you help me get rid of it?

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Starware is a virus.

Do not ever open any emails like that. They are NOT from microsoft, they are from hackers.

Go to control panel and run add/remove programs. Remove starware if it is listed.

Next, download AVG Antivirus free edition and run a full virus scan.

After that (could be a few hours) download Windows Defender and run a full scan.

Download AVG ONLY from the official Grisoft site, and download Windows Defender only from Microsoft.

Hopefully AVG and Windows Defender will rmove any traces of the spywares


I could not get the AVG Antivirus to load onto my computer. Perhaps because I am staying in a hotel with an unsecured internet. I will keep trying at my next stop. Perhaps in the safety of my home. Thanks for the suggestions. I have not used the Explorer Brouser for a long time. I ususally use Mozilla. I do not know where or when I picked up Starware. The Windows Defender did not see it either. Nor did TrendMicro.

Bob H

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