I am having trouble with slow loading programs in windows xp pro (SP2 pack)
I have carried out all the usual reg cleaning spybot ad-ware defragging and scanning with my Bullguard Internet Security program and have produced this hijackthis log
Would some kind person have a look at this lot and advise
Many thanks

how am i meant to readv them. They are too small. Attatch them as text files

Hi jbennet
Sorry about the tiny print
I tried sending text message at first but kept on getting rejection then tried pdf - no good - then tried jpeg - file too large - then used jpeg shrinker and e-mailed the result.
I am very grateful for you troubling to reply but quite frankly I have had it with this site and intend to unplug the box and take it into town to a friendly shop

all you need to do is save the log file as .txt , and add it as an attatchment

its simple

Hopefully the hijackthislog.txt has attached properly and you can read it this time

Please list your system specs, ram etc.... here

also please rerun the HijackThis Log after renaming hijackthis.exe to somethig else, as some spywares know when it is running and interfere with it so they are not listed

Desktop PC Dell Optiplex GX620 Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz. 512MB RAM 128 MB ATI Radeon X600 SE - is that enough info ?

you have an awlful lot running in the backgriund for a system with 512 ram. i think its just general slowness, not spywares as your HJT log looks clear

do you think the solution would be to get more ram or disable some of the programs - i think there are quite a few which are doubling up eg. reg cleaners etc. Also i have two large cad programs which i use infrequently is it better to uninstall these and keep the programs on cd?

its the programs running in the background that matter, not installed ones like the CAD packages.

ram is cheap atm so it may be a solution. Go to one of those sites that tells you what ram you need, i personally reccomend Crucial Memory

I just baught 2gb off them for my dell dimension for £40 ($80ish) so another 512 for your optiplex aught to be fairly cheap

Many thanks for your most useful comments
I will do just that

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