If the Asian networking out of the box specialists NorhTec are to be believed the answer is very low indeed: how does $85 (£41) sound? Remarkably that is how much the new NorhTec MicroClient JrSX is set to cost, making it what must be the lowest priced Linux powered thin client PC around.

According to LinuxDevices the MicroClient JrSX is a 300MHz Vortex86SX system-on-chip device, ultra low power it only consumes 0.9W at 300MHz. It includes CompactFlash and 2.5" hard drive storage as well as 10/100Mbps Ethernet, 128Mb DDR RAM, triple USB 2 sockets and all in a box measuring 115x115x35mm which weighs 505gm. The size and weight making it ideal for attaching directly to the back of a flat panel display, which is made even easier by the inclusion of VESA mounting holes on the chassis.

Because of the ultra low power requirement the MicroClient is fan-less, being passively cooled but not adverse to operating in areas of high temperature or humidity for that matter. McDonalds Canada is said to be a customer for just this reason. As far as Linux is concerned, NorhTec reckon it can run any distribution that is compiled to support floating point emulation. Obviously you don't get bells and whistles at this price point, but throw something like Puppy Linux at it and you do get one of the cheapest fully functional PCs on the planet.

jbennet 1,618

It cost me £180 for a pc with a semperon, 512 ram, dvd drive, 80gb hard disk + linux.

I have to admit I am seriously thinking about one of these MicroClient boxes, if I can find out what the import costs are. I have a funny feeling that shipping and taxes to the UK will negate the low cost value.

jbennet 1,618

yeah theyll probably be 17.5% VAT at least

Plus another £50 for the shipping from Bangkok...

jbennet 1,618

so youd be just as well buting a cheap barebones pc

Indeed. Unless, of course, enough people wanted to buy one for us to ship them in volume and reduce shipping costs that way...