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Well Bharg, you have completed your training of ClearCase UNIX. This certification enables you to understand the principles and techniques that are necessary to build, use and maintain ClearCase as a software configuration tool in an network using UNIX environment.

There is only one test for IBM Certified for Rational ClearCase UNIX Test 631. It is recommended that you should study the SCM271, SCM370 and SCM471. Besides this, you should also check some online websites like certpaper.com for some free practical training material. The test will be comprises approximately 110 multiple choice questions need to be solved in 90 minutes. To attain ClearCase UNIX certification, you need 70% passing scores.

Let me know when you have passed your ClearCase certification.



Please let me know from where can i download SCM271, SCM370 and SCM471 pdf files or the study material.

Please reply asap.
Thanks in advance.....


Hi All,

I am planning to do a clearcase unix certification & I heard that pattern has changed. Can you someone please advice about the new pattern.



hi nagaraj, i am also planning to do ccase unix certification. in ibm website it says that test number is 000-130. mix of unix and windows certification. but this test is not updated in prometric.com website. if u know information abt this test pls let me know . and also tell me, where did u take ccase training??????????

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