Trying to find something for your gelibte this year? Look no further, my Linux Geek's Guide to Hanukkah will help you make the right decisions.

1. Linux Journal - A subscription to the world's first Linux magazine is the gift that gives you Linux every month for a year. Only $29.50. Such a deal!

2. A Stuffed Tux - The world's Linux ambassador in the shape of a penguin. A great addition to help dress up that drab gray cubicle. 2 sizes: 6 inch for $6.99USD and a 9 inch for $9.99USD.

3. Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder - A non-subscription, free TV viewer that you can hook up to your TV and watch YouTube videos. Uses a wide range of audio and video formats. A true open source media appliance powered by Linux. Perfect for your multi-media maven. Buy it from for 25% discount: $179.

4. The $10 Answering Machine - If your besherte loves a challenge and tinkering with a project, buy him a $10USD modem and a link to the project page. Additionally, he'll need a Linux desktop computer and a few hours of solitude.

5. Asus Eee PC - For the mobile arbeter in your life, this diminutive mini-laptop is the perfect gift. He'll enjoy the long battery life, pre-installed Linux, and very light weight (2lbs). A wide range of pricing and models are available at large department stores but the new Eee 1000 is just what the doctah ordered. Shop online for the best deals.

6. Linux Pro Magazine - Another magazine subscription with a difference. This one always comes with a DVD packed with the latest version of a featured Linux distribution. The magazine features some of the finest Linux authors in the world. Get it today for $99.95 -- that's 12 issues for the price of 10!

7. Open Source World Expo - What better gift is there than the gift of a trip to beautiful San Francisco? Both of you can go for a whole week of geek in the city by the bay. You can shop all day while he geek's out, then meet up for some fabulous dining and night life. August in San Francisco--sign me up!

8. Linux Toys Book - What's better than giving him the power to create? This book, by Christopher Negus and Chuck Wolber, contains 13 cool projects for home, office, and entertainment. Projects include a Digital Receptionist, Home Network, Arcade Game System, TV Recorder/Player, and much more. Hit and search for 'Linux Toys' and you'll find Linux Toys and Linux Toys II and you can get them both for less than $5.00! Shipping is extra of course. He'll never know you didn't pay retail.

So, there you have them--eight crazy nights of uniquely Linux gifts that he'll never forget. Happy Hanukkah!