I have an HP DV9000 notebook with Vista, and created a Knoppix 6.1 live Linux Flashcard. I can boot it up and select Linux, but the 'wirless' switch will not activate, even so physically it is in the on position. It almost looks like there is a software( HP Wireless Assistant) override. There is a little LED on the 'wireless' switch that will go from red to blue, if the wireless works. Vista will turn it blue, but Linux is not sending the right code to the lousy switch.

Does anybody have experience with this goofy HP setup?

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yep, my hp laptop (w/ ubuntu) behaves similarly. I just use the network manager to take care of the wireless enabling/disabling and don't bother with the switch.


I also have a HP laptop and mine is the same, but the wireless card still works though. Ubuntu doesn't take notice of the switch position after all most laptops are designed with windows in mind.

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