Here's some good news for a change: Linux-related jobs are on the rise. According to the freelance marketplace, Odesk, the number of Linux jobs has increased more than 1,400% since 2006. This sharp increase as raised some eyebrows over at The Linux Foundation and they're responding appropriately.

The Linux Foundation is kicking off Linux training classes starting with:
Essential Linux Device Driver Development Skills
Creating Applications for Linux
Kernel Debugging and Performance

Of course, this career boost comes at a price--a pretty high one too. The two-day training will set you back $1,099. You also receive a full pass for the 3-day Collaboration Summit.

It might be worth the $1,100 plus travel and expenses to make the trip to meet up with others like yourself and the influential minds in the Linux development world. Bring some resumes with you. I suggest you purchase several dozen small USB thumb drives, put your resume on them with samples of your work, and hand them out like candy at this conference.

If you snag a job while you're there, remember where you read about it. Drop me a line to let me know how you do.